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Sitting with a Boppy Pillow

A boppy pillow is a great prop to help with sitting. A boppy pillow can be used with prop sitters and new sitters to provide some support as they learn to sit independently.

But where should I put the boppy? Read below for why each placement is good!

Boppy behind

  • If your little one leans forward, this may be a good option. The boppy touches baby’s back, providing a cue to turn on those extensor muscles and sit tall instead of lean forward.

  • Babies with rounded trunks may benefit from this for the same reason as above- the boppy tells their postural muscles to turn on!

  • If baby is trying to hold a toy with both hands but can’t sit independently yet, this is a great option. The boppy acts as a lower trunk support so that baby is free to use hands to play!

Boppy in front

-Babies who lean back, or have extensor bias, may benefit from this positioning. We often think to put support behind I’m case they fall backwards, but sometimes this turns extensor muscles on even more (see above about leaning forward). If we put the boppy in front, we are bringing baby’s weight forward and up onto the pillow, often breaking that extensor pattern.

-Babies with reflux often don’t tolerate prop sitting well, as it puts a lot of pressure on the tummy. Putting a boppy in front of them raises the arms up to relieve that pressure.

-Rounded trunk (wait- wasn’t this in the behind category too? Yes, keep reading)- babies with a rounded trunk sometimes need a cue to raise their body up, and putting their hands on a taller surface is a way to cue the body to sit up taller.

-If your baby is an awesome prop sitter but hesitates to let go, have them prop sit with hands on the boppy. With hands higher, offer them a toy. They may be willing to let go of one and then both hands to sit independently just briefly! Then if they need to rest, they can go back to prop sitting on the boppy.


If you have a new sitter, a boppy pillow can be a great tool. There are several options for placement of the boppy pillow, and you may need to try both to see what works best for your little one. If you are still struggling, reach out to your PT (or me!).

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