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How to Improve Baby’s Core Strength

Lots of kids gain core strength through functional activities such as rolling, crawling, and kneeling. But for some, we have to work on it more, and for others, it doesn’t hurt to add in a little abs! Here are two ideas that I’ve been in love with recently that help with core strength.

Appropriate for prop sitters and beyond: Sit on the floor or couch with back support and place your child on your lap (specifically on your knees). Have them face you so that you can interact! Put your hands on the sides of their trunk or even pelvis if they don’t need a lot of support. Slowly bring one of your knees down and keep the other up, then repeat on the other side. Watch for your baby to try to stay in the center while using her obliques!

Appropriate for good sitters and beyond: Place your child sitting on the floor or a couch cushion. Hold onto their ankles and push them back center, back left, and back right. Even roll them in a circle, but try to get them to keep their hands off the floor! You may give them something to hold onto to prevent this.

Every baby could benefit from a little core strengthening, so give it a shot! What are some ways that you work on core strength?

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