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Torticollis Tips Round Up

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I talk about Torticollis a lot. If you don't follow me, you should! There is some exclusive content including videos and how-to demos! Click here to check out my page.

In this post, I am going to summarize my favorite tips that I have shared so far that can help improve Torticollis.

"But Emily, I forget what Torticollis is!" I knew this moment would come. I encourage you to read my previous posts that describe Torticollis, symptoms, risk factors, and treatment that is evidence based! This is step number one, then come back here to learn even more. Here are the posts:

Now back to Torticollis Tips. I have 3 favorites, and will describe them below.

Container Tips

We all know by now that most development happens on the floor. But what if baby is just not having floor time? Containers are okay in moderation! “Containers” include swings, bouncers, seats, or anything that restricts free movement. I recommend no more than 15-20 minutes per day if possible.

Below is a tip to maintain midline and encourage active rotation (within what the container will allow) to the non-preferred side. This towel roll prevents rotation to the preferred side, which also helps prevention and management of flat spots! Place the towel on the side that your child prefers to look towards.

And look how this towel roll puts this cutie's head in that nice midline position, even while drowsy!

Activity Mat Tip

Here’s another simple modification you can make with your activity mat to help with resolving torticollis and improving active range of motion to the non-preferred side. It's simple- move all hanging toys to the non-preferred side! This entices your little one to look and reach that way since there is nothing to look at on the other side! You can do this is tummy time as well! See the examples below.

Stretching Tip

Those last few degrees of rotation can be daunting, can’t they? Here are some ideas for improving that range of motion actively and passively to get that full range of motion!

Providing overpressure at the shoulder during stretching. The bear stretch is my favorite, but this takes it up a notch. Sit on the floor, in a rocker, or on a therapy/yoga ball. Put your babe on your lap facing you, and use one hand on the head and the other stabilizing the shoulder to keep it from coming up. This is a sure fire way to get those last few degrees!

Active rotation with overpressure. While on the back, have your babe look to the non preferred direction and place a hand on the opposite shoulder to help keep it on the floor. This allows gravity to work, too, to pull the head down those last few degrees!

Work on active rotation in multiple positions! This is an idea for tummy time to get some more rotation, but if your babe is old enough, you can practice rotation in sitting and even standing!

If you have a child with Torticollis, you know the struggle and the worry. I pray that these tips help ease the worry so that you can enjoy your baby's childhood! Remember, you are the best parent for that child and they love you so much!

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