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Rolling Tummy to Back

Has your little rolled to their belly, but then gotten mad that they couldn’t roll back? This is the post for you!

Here are 3 steps needed to roll tummy to back:

1. Head rotation on their belly- your little needs to look where they want to go in order to get there! Often times the head is the leader and the body follows, so work on turning the head each direction in tummy time.

2. Hands under shoulders- think of the cobra pose in yoga. When your child first starts pushing up onto their hands on their tummy, their hands may be in front or to the side of their body. As they mature, we need those hands to come in directly below the shoulders in order to be able to roll. If they stay out, they kind of serve as a kick stand preventing rolling.

3. Reaching, reaching, and more reaching! Reaching allows weight shifting onto each arm which is needed to roll from tummy to back. Check out these 3 ideas to work on reaching on the tummy. WARNING: super cute!

As always, reach out to your pediatrician with any concerns and most importantly- be your child’s advocate! Let me know how rolling practice goes and what works for toy

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