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My Favorite Part About My Job

Getting personal on this one! I had a moment today that I want to share, so let’s dive in!

Working in pediatric home health is such a unique setting. I enter homes and families welcome me, offer me lunch, and share their best and worst moments with me for the hour that I am there. It is a vulnerable setting where we get very close to families. Families have opened up to me in a way that they never have to anyone else- and especially during Covid, sometimes I was the only person they would see in their week.

Years ago, before I accepted a job in home health, if you would’ve asked my opinion on developing personal relationships with my families, here’s what I would’ve said-

“What happens at work stays at work”

“I won’t go to birthday parties.”

“I won’t text families back when they text me at 10pm.”

So here’s the story about what happened today- today is the birthday of a little one that discharged from PT months ago. I decided to drop off a small gift. I planned on setting it at the door step, knocking, and running away (you know, covid “non contact delivery” stuff). But her father was outside and immediately offered for me to stay and catch up with them. This family welcomed me in ONCE AGAIN (without me even telling them I was coming!) and we sat outside and had a conversation for at least 30 minutes. During this time I realized a couple of things.

I have changed, and this change has helped me to evolve into the best PT I can be. Yes, I go to birthday parties. Because there is nothing I love more than celebrating the ones I love. Yes, I text families back when they text me at 10 pm because I genuinely am so happy to see videos of your child doing something new. I don’t do these things because I feel like I have to. It’s because these relationships are MUCH more than me providing PT services. These relationships are real.

I love your children like my own. I celebrate them like they’re my own. I advocate for them like they’re my own. And I’ll love them forever even after they discharge from PT.

You may see Emily, PT, DPT for weeks to months, but you’ll have Emily around forever 😘

Any other PTs out there that can relate?

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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