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My Child is Crawling- now what?

Crawling is a HUGE milestone! Crawling is baby’s first way of getting around that requires baby gates. Crawling can happen anywhere between 8-10 months. Once baby crawls, you may be wondering “now what”?

It’s exciting to think about all the next fun milestones- standing, cruising, and walking. But let me be the first to tell you DO NOT RUSH INTO THE NEXT MILESTONE! Why?

Crawling is one of the most important milestones and I love to spend as much time as possible perfecting crawling. Did you know that crawling:

-Helps develop brain connections between the two hemispheres?

-Helps develop arches in the hands which is important for fine motor skills, especially writing?

-Creates a stronger core which is imperative for skills to follow?

-Strengthens and stabilizes the hips to prepare for standing and walking?

Crawling is good all around! Check out my tips on how to make your baby an expert crawler below.

  • Pushing a box or upside-down laundry basket: walking on the knees while hands are on a higher surface takes crawling to the next level by isolating leg movements and really focusing on hip and core strength. The lower the surface, the harder the task is!

  • Crawling over parents’ legs: start by having baby crawl over one leg. Place a hand underneath their belly just in case they face plant for the first few trials! As they perfect this, have them crawl over both of your legs. This is very difficult for the core!

  • Crawl on different textures: this gives baby a great sensory experience for them to feel on hands and knees!

  • Crawl up and down inclines: place a couch cushion as an incline up against the couch. Have baby climb up and down the cushion. This may be the hardest task out of all the others listed because it requires a lot more strength and control than crawling on a flat surface!

  • Crawl over couch cushions: place a couch cushion flat on the floor and have baby crawl over the cushion. This is an awesome core workout and works on stability of the shoulders and hips with the squishy surface!

When did your baby start crawling? Did they practice any of these? Who is going to practice them now? Let me know in the comments!

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