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How Long Will my Child Need PT?

🔈🔈🔈PSA!! (if you want to skip the sappy stuff, scroll to the bottom)🔈🔈🔈

A coffee date after discharge to catch up and meet baby sister

A very common question I get: “how long will he/she need PT for?” This is such a trick question. Do you want my technical answer? We usually ask for 6 months of approval for PT visits. We are constantly reassessing and working towards goals. Are all goals met and family comfortable with discharge? That’s when we usually end PT.

Caregivers: can I tell you how long I’m really around for? I'll share a couple secrets with you that I'm sure other therapists can relate to. Once your baby discharges from PT, I immediately miss having them in my life. The child that I saw once a week as part of my regular schedule is now caught up on their gross motor skills. I saw them grow up right before my eyes for the time that I spent with them, but now they don't need me anymore. I miss reading "I Love you So" while we practiced standing at the couch. I miss getting siblings involved in tummy time. I miss tearing apart your house to make an obstacle course with couch cushions. You have given me so many things while I was in your home and I loved being involved in your child’s life during PT, and I hope to be in their lives after discharge, too. Here's what I have learned after I discharge your child from PT:

  • Caregivers: You send me pictures after discharge and my eyes light up when I see that I have a text from you. You say “little guy is now jumping!” and my heart explodes. Every gross motor skill that you send me pictures/videos of, I am SO proud of. You let me set a strong foundation in your child for them to build off of for the rest of their lives.

  • Caregivers: After discharge, you call me and say “I remember you saying that symmetry is important, but baby girl is crawling with her left knee up, is this normal?” I melt immediately knowing that I gave you that baseline for what typical development is like. You let me educate your family and you were present during sessions.

  • Caregivers: You text me after discharge and say “Want to meet for coffee? I’d love for you to see how big my kid is now and meet my new baby!” I feel honored that I made that big of an impact on your family that you still want me in your life after PT ends. You harbored a close relationship with me and treated me as part of your family.

Long story short- Your child may only need “Emily, DPT” for 6 months, but did you know you’ll have “Emily” around forever? I love to hear from you. I love to see your child’s progress. I love to be part of birthday parties, graduations, and other big milestones. Please know that I am always here to have conversations and answer questions even after your child is done with PT. I'm here for the long haul, and I hope you'll have me! "It's not until all goals are met, it's for life".

PSA: once you have me as your PT, you’re stuck with me forever 😘

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