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Baby Using Arms More than Legs when Pulling to Stand?

Do you have a little one who started pulling to stand or standing from your lap but they are using all arms and no legs?

Here are some indications that arms may be stronger than legs:

-army crawls and/or difficulty staying up on all fours

-gripping onto cloth or lips of couch to pull up to stand

-lack of leg movement once standing (stiff)

-won’t play with toys once standing or keeps both hands on couch, not experimenting with lifting one up to play

Of course, if you have concerns or see these things, a PT will be able to diagnose the “why” behind it. Just because you may see these things, it doesn’t ALWAYS mean that your child’s legs are weaker than their arms. So as always, get a PT evaluation if you have concerns! I am offering telehealth sessions in NC!

Here is an example of lack of glute (butt muscle) and quad (front thigh) muscles in a little one who has been standing for quite some time:

Check out some simple solutions to decrease arm support so that your child can start using legs more to build up those muscles necessary for cruising, squatting, and walking!

As always, I’m here to answer your questions. what other tricks have you used in the past to improve leg strength in a new stander?

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