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10 Halloween Treats that Aren't Candy

Time for a moment of honesty. I’ve been so excited to pass our candy this year for trick or treating! It's our first year in our new home and we decorated for Halloween, so it's something we've been looking forward to!


As I was working with one of my little ones today, I looked down at her G-tube and thought “oh my gosh how could I not think about this before now” 😳


Some kids with G-tubes are not able to take anything by mouth, possibly leaving them feeling left out on Halloween when most homes are passing out candy.


I quickly got on Amazon and ordered lots of "treats" that AREN’T candy. Here are some ideas I came up with for other options this year and I hope they are helpful for you. Click on the photo for the individual link for that toy!




Pop Tubes

Glow Critters

Coloring Book

Bubble Popper

Light Up Balls



Let’s work together to make Halloween and trick or treating more inclusive for everyone!

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