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Pre-walking activities Part 2!

Here are some more ideas for your pre-walker! If you are having a hard time picturing what I am describing, I have videos of all of these activities here.

Standing with back against the couch or wall (like the picture): this is step 1 to learning to stand without support. Read a book, blow some bubbles, do whatever tickles your fancy! OR...

Reach forward while standing with back against the couch or wall: this encourages your child to shift their weight forward to get their back off the couch, even if it’s just for a second! If your child masters this skill, you could back up and have them reach further, encouraging them to take a couple steps forward.

Squatting without arm support: I’m loving this idea, and it may be helpful for you as well! Stand behind your child and hold onto them while they squat down to reach something on the floor. You may have to experiment where your child needs support (place your hands at the hips- easiest for the child, then move down towards the ankles-harder for the child). This allows them to learn to squat and return to stand with more leg strength. I put something squishy or a sibling/parent in front in case he falls forward. But if they do fall forward onto their tummy, it’s a great opportunity to practice...

Learning to stand from the floor: this child fell forward while practicing squatting, so we used it as an opportunity to stand back up! Place both feet flat on the floor, then the child shifts back and stands up!

I have even more ideas, so stay tuned for part 3!

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