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Pre-walking Activities

I know what you're thinking-who is considered a pre-walker? See these questions to determine if you have a pre-walker at home!

Do you have a child that is pulling to stand?

Are they cruising at the couch and coffee table?

Are they maybe standing by themselves?

But they aren't quite taking steps yet?

You have a pre-walker and I have a couple ideas to share with you today!

  • Standing and playing at vertical surfaces (like the picture)! Pulling to stand at something like a door or wall recruits more lower extremity strength to help build those muscles, and cruising at a vertical surface is an extra challenge for balance!

  • All different kinds of cruising (see videos of this in my Instagram post)- sideways cruising is when your child goes side to side at the coffee table or couch. Parallel cruising (more difficult) is when they go from one surface to the surface behind them, like from the couch to the coffee table. Angled cruising is when there is a corner that your child transitions over, like from one side of the sectional to the other (inside angle-easier) or around the corner of the coffee table (outside angle-harder).

  • Standing and banging two objects together or banging on the table- that brief moment that they let go of the table is exactly what they need to improve their balance in independent standing!

  • Sit to stand without arm support- oh, I just love this activity. It helps to build lower extremity strength, stability, AND gets your little one ready to stand independently because once they are standing, they have nothing to hold onto! They may “fall” into you at first, but over time they’ll learn to stand up then stay there for 5, 10, or even 15 seconds!

There are SO many great toys to encourage pre-walkers to get ready to take those first steps! If you need some ideas, download my ultimate gift guide!!

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