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Out with the Bumbo, In with The Upseat- Product Review

As PTs, we encourage that "containers" are to be used in moderation. As parents, we agree that sometimes you need a safe place to put your child so that you can shower, cook dinner, or finish the laundry. We get it! So how do we achieve both of those principles? I give you The Upseat.

The Upseat combines realistic gross motor expectations with parent sanity. But how is it any different than other seats? Here is a detailed pediatric PT's review of the Upseat compared to other seats and why it is superior.

Healthy Hip Positioning

Having great hip positioning for longer periods of time is important for the prevention of hip dysplasia. Naturally, a baby's hip socket is shallow and deepens with more weight placed through the legs, when the child starts standing and walking. It is imperative for the hip (head of the femur) to maintain great contact with the socket (acetabulum), and the position that is best for this is flexion, external rotation and abduction, which you can see that the Upseat provides.

Proper Spinal Curves

Most other seats are "bucket shaped", meaning that they dip down either in the middle or the back to help wedge the baby's bottom in there. The Upseat is made different. They are made for the bottom to be higher than the thighs, which puts the pelvis tilted forward and encourages upright posture, which is more natural for babies.

More Leg Room

The Upseat has wider spaces for those chunky baby thighs. Why is this important? First of all, kids can use this for WAY longer. I've seen some 2 year olds that are still able to fit into the seat. Secondly, we love to give our kids space to move instead of "trapping" them in one position. Just like we like for a child's head to move freely in other containers, we want those legs to also be able to move freely within the Upseat!

We've covered the basics. I prefer the Upseat to any other seat because of these reasons. If I am putting a seat on my baby registry, it will be this one. And you know what the best part is? I love this seat SO much that if you use THIS LINK, you can get 10% off of any product from their website! Either follow the link directly or use the code EMILY10 at checkout. Everyone deserves to benefit from this product and I'm so happy to share that for you. Happy shopping!

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