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Four Year Old Skills

Have you ever wondered what your 4 year old should be doing? Look no further! Here is a perfect example of gross motor skills at this age.

Hopping 2-3 Times in a Row

Hopping will start to emerge in the fourth year. Hopping 2-3 times in a row shows us how strong and powerful the child is on one leg! It gives us a good idea of stability.

Standing on One Foot for 4-8 Seconds

Single leg balance emerges around 3 years old, but at 4 your child should stand on one foot for 4-8 seconds. They may have a favorite leg, and that’s okay! I always encourage to practice both sides.


Show your child a gallop, then ask them to gallop like a horse. See if they are able to reproduce the movement. Again, they may have a favorite side, but practice both!

Throwing Overhand 10 Feet

With a small ball, your child should be able to throw it in a relatively coordinated manner for the ball to travel 10 feet. This is a good example of emerging hand eye coordination, as well as catching!

Catching a Bounced Ball

If you bounce a playground ball to your toddler, are they able to catch it? This is a great coordination and motor planning activity!

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